environmental ethics

I try to be a low impact business (not sustainable) striving to bring joy and create with less of a negative impact on the Earth. As a small, one women business, I try in all that I do to be environmentally friendly. However, there is always a contradiction between trying to limit pollution and producing consumer goods, consumerism can never be sustainable. That doesn't mean I don't continually try to make the best choices possible for the planet.


  • Working with Offset app to help offset carbon emissions from shipping by carbon credits going to protecting forests through certified projects and partners, Pachama. (to learn more about what this means, pro/cons, and the Pachama project, Shopify has a good break down)
  • I do not offer express shipping or rush orders (shipping is more efficient when they have more time = less environmental impact)
  • All excess material from cut offs is saved to be reused either for making handmade paper or for other projects.
  • Most materials for jewelry and books were thrifted/upcycled (fabric, thread, iridescent material)

I am not a plastic-free shop, however it is better to reuse what is already around than to buy new recycled packaging

  • All sticker covers and bubble wrap is repurposed and collected from my other job and personal purchases (got to save all those good-on-one-side-paper)
  • Compostable sleeves are used to protect stickers (I will be switching to using no compostable sleeves, once I finish with these)
  • 100% post consumer recycled paper are used for all envelopes and cards.
  • Larger packages are packed with reused bubble mailers (except the teal ones which I bought too many of in 2018 when I was starting out and still have...)

Even with all this thought I put into the impact I make as a business; I am cognizant that there is more that needs to be done to be sustainable. This is a responsibility we share together as members of society, by changing regulations and policies on top of individual choices. 

Please remember to put packing components in the correct bin, it is different in every municipality. Thank you!