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Somewhere between wonder and possibility. Each item is a handcrafted piece of magic.

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Sprinkled with pixie dust

Try on some iridescent fairy wing earrings. They shine in the sunlight and are translucent - almost like real wings!*

*no fairies or winged creatures were harmed in the making

  • write to heal

    Write to a love one, whether that be yourself or another. I create stationery as a way for myself to slow down and connect. I hope my stationery can do the same for others. Shop hand-stamped stationery below.

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  • repurposed and upcycled

    Many of my items are produced using found materials. While we can't separate ourselves from consumerism, we can make the intentional choice to question how to lower our impact. Read about my choices here.

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  • it is just me, Sam.

    Many small businesses write as a "we" instead of an "I". My small business is not a we; it's just me. Embracing that reality emphasizes the labour I put into my products. Learn more about me and my process.

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