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hand embroidered book moth - 56 blank white pages

hand embroidered book moth - 56 blank white pages

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A small (5.5x4.25 inch) open spine book with a hand embroidered moth on the front. The moth was embroidered on dark green velour fabric. In all projects I try to reuse as much as possible with most of my materials being recycled or thrifted.


  • fabric and thread are thrift
  • inside paper is 100% recycled (30% post consumer) true white speckled paper (French 70lb text)
  • Paper is made in the USA using on-site hydropower generators since 1922
  • Acid-free paper

What is 30% post consumer recycled?
Post-consumer recycled paper is paper recycled using waste from the public instead of the industry (which never gets to the consumer and is called pre-consumer recycled). This is paper coming straight from your home recycling bin or office instead of going to the landfill. Pre-consumer waste is considered not as environmentally friendly in comparison because this was never in danger of being put into the landfill as much so. Industries are keen to divert waste (factory floor trimmings, rejects, and scraps) and use/sell as much of their by-product as possible.

Something that says 100% recycled can be a combination of pre and post consumer waste, just pre-consumer waste, or just post-consumer. Most things with post-consumer are more likely to say and identify that they have used it, because it is more advantageous to do so than with pre-consumer.


I try to be a low impact business (not sustainable) striving to bring joy and create with less of a negative impact on the Earth. However, there is always a contradiction between trying to limit pollution and producing art, consumerism can never be sustainable.

  • Many materials I use are only thrifted or recycled including binding thread, fabric, and sometimes paper.
  • All new paper and cardstock I buy is 100% recycled (30-100% PC recycled)
  • All scraps when making jewelry and books are saved. Some are stored to figure out what to do with other are turned into embeds (from the wings), book marks, stuffing in fabric mushrooms, or bedding for my red wiggler worms.

Even with the intentional thought I put into the impact I make as a business and artist; I am cognizant that there is more that needs to be done to be sustainable. This is a responsibility we share together as members of society, by changing regulations and policies on top of individual choices. 

To learn more details about my environmental ethics, please visit here


Jewelry will come in a black velvet bag while books will be wrapped in paper. Products will be shipped in a reused cardboard boxes or bubble mailer so your items will arrive in perfect condition. Items are shipped through USPS. 

I do NOT offer express shipping or rush orders (shipping is more efficient when they have more time = less environmental impact)

Return policy

I am a very small business working on limited stock, so returns and exchanges are not always possible. Most of my products are final sale, all returns/exchanges/refunds are negotiated on a case by case basis. Please contact me about your request here.

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